Meaning of life

-- by Vikram

As said by Swami Vivekananda, "Life itself has no meaning, but it is an opportunity to create one.". Life is like a blank paper and there is nothing that blank paper could mean, what you write in it would give it a meaning and would add any value to it. 

The real question is why do you worry about creating that value, why do you worry about searching the meaning of life? Is there answer hidden in the question in itself? Is the life is all about exploring stuff trying to figure out something, but why is that so? Everyone has their own perspective about life yet few things are common across all human beings, at the least once ever in life everyone thinks about this topic, what's the meaning of life? 

The intention is not to discourage anyone from doing anything but the truth is that if you compare the impact of doing anything on the scale of known universe only, it's just vanishes no matter what you aim for. People before Gandhi and Newton existed how many of them would have done something very impactful, I question where are they and where is this impact gone? 

We talk day in and day out about all this creating value improving lives of others, working for greater cause, world peace and all that. I question where is all that? With so much known to mankind why do problems still exist if we all really have understood that the life if all about creating meaning and and a meaning is created by helping live others more satisfactory life. Now the paradox is if you have already done something so great that other are living to the fullest they wont have anymore opportunity to do something that helps others live more satisfactory lives, did you unknowingly snatched away their purpose of life?

Mix two things together the curiosity to explore and always find something to pursue and help others to do so, this looks like problem solved to me. Till the time you are alive, you will constantly be engaged with something. The longer you are interested in something the longer you have chances to live. It has been observed many a times that a desire for someone to stay fit and live have helped them live longer. 

Why do people kill themselves? because they no longer want to live. The desire to live is important and this resolves to a point of focus for me that the objective of life is to survive, to survive and to multiply and to evolve find ways to support it, either by investing in science, technology, spirituality and what not. At the end of the day you need to provide enough for people to not loose interest in living their lives. 

We may never understand why life exists and what's the purpose of life but surely these question are meaningful in order to enjoy this event of life. Being thankful for this opportunity and then pass it on. No matter we find life form anywhere or move to a different planet, but this is not going to change, for one simple reason that we exist because of nature or someone we don't know of and that definitely is something much more smarter and advanced than us. 

The moment we are near to finding that eternal truth and try to become equally powerful as our creator the chances are they also have an objective of surviving like us, they may just supply an antibiotic to us and humanity may be reset once again. 

Now is that something worth it going that far just to really get everything reset? Or would it be much wiser to make harmony and let it accept that we are the part of this nature which doesn't owe you any explanations on why and how the life existed? 

Survival is the true meaning of life, enjoying life is a technique to survive, teaching it to others it a technique to survive, we die because that's a part of survival too through our offspring because at some point of time we would have seen enough to learn and there is no more curiosity to keep going, we may fake it but I believe over the period of time we all will someday start thinking that our job is done. 

May be with more stuff to explore and do many things can increase the average life of a human being. May be a connected world is not that good for longer lives as the ease to discover new things is decreasing with more and more technology. Yes there is lot of work but that's something that we know that is already solved and may be that doesn't excite lot of people. The option to find new things have been drastically reducing and what should be do to keep that thing going. Whenever I think about this particular question I look into the sky and an I get my answers in two forms. One of them say explore the universe it exists for supporting the purpose of life. Second one is look for the almighty and take the path of spirituality to connect and you may be able to close your eyes and explore everything within yourself.